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love it!🌻🌻 Looks good to impress women. Full of gentle feelings for the delicious berry customers.! 🌻🌻


Name: ZB.4
Age: 21 year
Stats: 36C’24’35
Height: 165 CM
Nationality: Thailand
Languages: English, Thai.

(CIM Come-In-Mouth)
$380/7hrs/3shot. Overnight
(Inclusive Of Condom & Room)
45min No discount

$480/7hrs/3shot. Overnight
$50  Cancellation fee Whether any reason

Girlfriend experience (GFE), Kissing-deep (DFK), Oral-without condom (BBBJ)
69 sex style, Massage, Lesbian, Cat-bath, Deep Throat, Kissing With Tongues
Analingus = licking/sucking the anus (AR), FJ-Fuck, BJ-Blow Job, Kissing
closed lips, Bath Using Tongue, Fingering-Finger Fuck, Sticking It Into Throat,
Come-On-Body, Cum-On face, Cum-On-Breasts, Toys, Intercourse-Oral
LTR-Long term Relationship, Costumes Boosting Sex Appeal, Painting,
Oral-CIM, HJ (Hand job), Frenching, Threesome, Swallowing & etc…


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6 Replies to “ZB.4”

  1. ppl recommend a good girl see many dad at that time from here take you away if it is convenient for them If they feel the path to your destination is crowded, they will drop and you will have to greet the next person who comes along to meet.

    Boobs: 8/10 C Cup If I’m not mistaken, add it.
    Body: 8/10 Skinny
    Pussy: 8/10 narrow and wet
    Shower Cat: 7/10 Try

  2. The shape of the face is very large. Students and synthetic eyelashes that enhance the already good looking eyes … She is sharp and has a nose with a high bridge and a soft mouth … lovely and lovely, a wonderful bath, bbbj Great, she cum, I’m cum, just wonderful.
    GFE is best to see and try it yourself.

    French Kissing 8.5 She is very talented in the art of kissing France. Scary at her tongue and lips. She also included kissing with her erotic body act while frenching.
    catbath: 8/10
    bj: 9.5 / 10 feels like bbbj

  3. Finally she went down and started sucking and licking my cock. Hmm, her chicken sucking skills improved. Start feeling like getting sucked by Christine. That’s a little bit of a Hmmm Catbath’s tongue vibration and to BBBJ she works hard at BBBJ OK, thanks for the fr bro open another gem!: D FR

    Body: 7/10 bent at the right position, relatively small height, fair skinned, Fairy skinned boobies adapted to corporate and energetic. But still feel natural.
    Service: 7/10 Excellent English Speaking and No Problem in Welding and Laughing With Her
    BBBJ: 7/10 goes deep and wet!
    ciem: 9/10 (omg !!!)

  4. Trying to get out of her during my didi work week like ice cream cum loaded licking sucking after a nice 8-10 minutes wonders tell her my turn to her pleasure. As she holds her position, I am humbled. Up the curtain, asking her to change, she seemed reluctant that she liked the top. I dont care to go to the missionary like crazy, yet could not cum as she kept shaking her head and trying to keep her mouth. Close after a while, I still can not cum, decided to give up. As soon as I release, I put her head on my chest for a GFE shiok.

    Frenching; 8/10 French saliva
    Meat: 8/10 No belly
    FUN: 8.5 / 10 machiam bonking av star
    GFE; 7/10 feels like bonking fans

  5. Good girl! Very sweet all the time Looks like her picture One of her best catch swimsuits. Good English and pleasant to talk. The service of the girl is good and other girls of this agent can also provide the same high quality service and we started our wonderful FJ.

    Body: 7.5 / 10: Skinny, normal, good C cup
    Face: 8/10 Same as photo
    Body: 8/10 sexy
    Boobs: big face and face

  6. At my best and the most beautiful girl I have found her service very well, friendly and polite, she helped me undress and bathe me. She is willing and willing to try different sex positions. She teaches and introduces some new sexual positions such as the standing man I rarely use! How enthusiastic and devoted to her! Our relationship is real and passionate.

    Skin: 9/10 Smooth Silk
    Ass: 8/10 good for doggie
    Pussy: 6/10 View sort of applications.
    Attitude: 9/10 Attitude is friendly and very pleased when entering the room.

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