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I am very open, like to have fun, do you like my VIP. Don’t spend your day or evening alone.I’m looking forward to see you soon

Name: CM.7
Age: 21 year
Stats: 35D’24’34
Height: 164 CM
Nationality: Thailand
Languages: English, Thai.

(CIM Come-In-Mouth)
$400/7hrs/3shot. Overnight
(Inclusive Of Condom & Room)
$10 Discount Monday – Wednesday
$10 Discount Saturday – Sunday
45min cannot  be combined with the discounted price promotion.

$500/7hrs/3shot. Overnight
$50 prepayment<< Required >>
$50 (per person) Cancellation fee Whether any reason
Payment can be sent via PayPal secured checkout which accepts all major debt
and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Union Pay, JCB)

Girlfriend experience (GFE), Kissing-deep (DFK), Oral-without condom (BBBJ)
69 sex style, Massage, Lesbian, Cat-bath, Deep Throat, Kissing With Tongues
Analingus = licking/sucking the anus (AR), FJ-Fuck, BJ-Blow Job, Kissing
closed lips, Bath Using Tongue, Fingering-Finger Fuck, Sticking It Into Throat,
Come-On-Body, Cum-On face, Cum-On-Breasts, Toys, Intercourse-Oral
LTR-Long term Relationship, Costumes Boosting Sex Appeal, Painting,
Oral-CIM, HJ (Hand job), Frenching, Threesome, Swallowing & etc…

What you need to let us know.
1. Name of woman
2. Time to your needs.
3. Time to use 45min, 60min, 90min, 2hrs, or Hour other additional
4. area near you (in call)
5. $50 prepayment (outcall)
6. Address, with zip code, & room number (outcall)
7. elevator need a key card (outcall)

9 Replies to “CM.7”

  1. qaze

    The good side of the session is,I have not much time, They told me only strictly for massage. I proceed straight to room just good! After bbbj, she capped me, she stated very clearly that she’s not in a rush, I then took off the rubber and began sucking first slowly and then really fast. I had BBBJ while keep on reminding me what she likes so I dun get lost during the session and being able to give her what she likes. you could give this girl a try. I was very happy. it’s best ever. Good Good.

    Face : 7/10 very cute
    Body : 8/10 hot sexy
    Boob : 7/10 cupper
    BBBJ : 7/10 Slurrpy slurrp
    FJ : 8/10 Very nice experience. She looks good
    GFE : 7/10 Overall, her service was good
    Room:Clean 10/10

  2. Top

    Went there few times lately. I will wrap up for your references. Thanks you all tell me. I will go there have a try. She kinda sweet looking and with a pair of big boobs.. She like to touch ur little bro while massaging your leg. Very real and natural and good. I said way i’m going to shower and she joint me surprisingly she started to soap me gently with her sexy loving looks, length of gun ratio to height man. Reached there. I help her to relieve herself while she return my favour.. wow.. what a ass she got. We’ve been in lot of position. But for sure, she like the doggy.

    Face: 6/10 high tone sexy voice
    Body: 7/10 tall and slim cup boobs
    BBBJ: 6/10 professional
    FJ: 8/10 quite tight feels and moan damn deep
    GFE: 9/10 Very attentive

  3. iyaz

    look not bad… very friendly and quite busty. decided to go to another room to look look sure i get a good one this time bbbj was very nice n a lot of balls licking action. breast very nice with pink buttons and skin is very very smooth. I booked a little girl. Take me to the room and sit down for a moment. And started sucking right away. Her tongue was amazing fantastically great bbbj cim, she rides me, what a ass she got.. very nice for doggy leh of we go to wash up with much anticipation. but that didn’t put me off. nice boobs and pussy though ask me to fuck. Overall quite GFE.

    Look : 8/10. showing some age.
    Body : 7/10 slim
    Pussy: 6/10 try
    Boobs : 7/10 Big type.
    BBBJ: 8/10 (Deep throat with few positions)
    CIM: 8/10 Yes
    FJ: 8/10 quite tight feels and moan damn deep
    GFE : 10/10 sour face all the time and rushed me.

  4. kingfisher

    First of all thanks to Its happen Thursday nite. She start using her boobs to keep rubbing on me. After few minutes of sucking and licking decide to change to a 69 position. slow and fast. I pulled her hand because I like BBBJ. After that BBBJ as well and she take it slow and blow hard. for tit service and tip. Want good with BBBJ. like wanted me to come again quickly. she sucked and licked my entire body coming back again. And let her rest.

    Looks 7.5/10 sweet look good type
    Boobs 7/10 just nice to hold
    BBBJ 8/10 Full deep
    FJ 7/10 great feeling
    GFE 10/10 Service Good! promise to had two more slot with her.

  5. Om

    . After taking a shower, attendent help changing into loose lounge clothing. I asked her to lick my nipples and she immediately capped me and we went missionary first. her other hand commenced with a firm, slow, steady and oily FJ. I happy for her efforts.

    Look: 7.5/10 young
    Boobs: 7/10 Nice acceptable to me up
    Body: 8/10 sexy
    BBBJ: 7.5/10 excellent suck yet gentle and good strongly recommend can bbbj
    FJ: 8/10 wet; doggy, sideways
    GFE: 10/10 sure I will go. very

  6. Ellyas

    I see her ok I like. Going lower to licking and sucking and even swallowing of my whole. She then BBBJ me, After our bath, she then asked me to lie with my back facing her while she starts to massage me came a bbbj I have tried. Want good with BBBJ. Well, started the cowgirl action. Started with kissing, then catbath, BBBJ. I was very happy.

    Look: 8/10 (cute like school girl swee)
    boobs : 7.5/10 first look is her boobs to confirm
    Body: 7.5/10 (Firm smooth very skinny)
    BBBJ: 8/10 (slow and steady deep throat)
    FJ : 8/10 very, very Wet. she even said how come I can last that long, good moaning
    GFE: 10/10 (good, very friendly. Tries her best to make you feel comfortable)

  7. Sikali

    Just come they told me only strictly for massage. They told me only strictly for massage. I thought I should show some support and I really enjoy. Yes her ok. her good I want. I go now. I have not much time, so I speed up as soon as I met her, she pretty much straight water. Told me to lie on my bed and told me that she will use her nose to do sexy massage. Overall it was a short but memorable trip. I could see that she enjoyed what she was doing.

    Looks: 7/10 sweet
    Boobs: 7.5/10 pink nipples
    Body: 8/10 soft smooth skin
    BBBJ: 7/10 she like to very deep to suck
    CIM: 8/10 my shot in her mouth
    FJ: 7.5/10 Very nice experience. She looks good so extra points
    GFE: 10/10 wait till horny next time and decide

  8. mafia

    her Bush was fully exposed. With all the attention of girl centres in the www recently, I may give it a go and her have a look pretty. the rooms provide are not too bad. She was grinding down on my didi, Banged her missionary then change to doggy styler can hear her moaned. I do really like the hot and cold bbbj, my didi in her pussy and continue to ride on me while kissing my body. I finished FJ and then got a nice strong massage after second shower.

    look: 7.5/10 ok good enough for me
    Body: 7/10 Very proportionate body build.
    Boobs:7/10 pretty cup
    BBBJ: 8/10 starts in bathroom
    FJ: 8/10 still tight willing to please
    GFE: 9/10 still quite chatty
    Kiss:Yes loved 10/10

  9. Myonessus

    Yes her ok. her good I want. We chat nearly throughout the session. Her was sexy with nice jerk up once in a while. she stated very clearly that she’s not in a rush, deep deep in fast slow fast slow. I know she damn horny. Her expression was so shiok that I could take it and she immediately capped me and we went missionary first. Said I look for massage ok. very GFE

    Look: 7.5/10 (sweet cute like school girl)
    Body: 8/10 (Her sense of dress was very sexy)
    Boobs: 8/10 (big)
    FJ: 7/10 (nice accommodating)
    BBBJ: 7/10 (Full deep)
    GFE: 10/10 (good service)

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